Who we are

Fjällspirit means “Spirit of the Mountain” and combines the "far away from everything"- feeling with a “feel at home"-mentality.

We are a small family business with only one goal which is to give you that VIP feeling you diserve during a well urned vacation and to show you what nature is all about.
With more than  30 years of outdoor experience we garantee an exiting and adventurous winter holiday or an active summer and autumn holiday.
All of our activity programs are accessable to the whole family.
Furthermore we can offer you THE  incentive and teambuildings for your company, and group activity programs ..... Contact us for a personalized offer.

We can promise you one thing  ....
You will never forget a Fjällspirit holiday!

So come and let the "spirit" of the "mountain" take you away for an adventure in pure nature!!!!




  • Fj%c3%a4llspirit20b

    Kato, leader of the pack

  • Braennagarden_(378)

    Gino with leader Kato

  • Img_7983


    Lowest in rang

  • Img_7964


    too smart to be good

  • Img_7967


    hard worker. Likes to be petted. (Wheeldog)

  • P1160148

    uuuhm ..... ?!?

  • P1160195


    Goes in lead. Always wants to be first in everything

  • Fj%c3%a4llspirit15b


    Super happy girl (Teamdog)

  • 201203_zweden_fj%c3%a4llspirit_121


    Pretends to work (teamdog)

  • Img_6467


    Everybody loves "grandpa" (wheeldog)

  • Img_6455


    Bit of a strange but nice girl (teamdog)

  • 017


    Tries to keep track of what all the other dogs are doing, Promising leaddog.

  • 005


    Kato´s brother (Team and lead dog)